Partnership Proposals

We are waiting for your business and service proposals

We are open for any partnership proposal that may be beneficial to you and NBP. Please fill out the form below to enter the partnership details and register your company information. The details of your partnership proposal may be reviewed together
by NBP, NAVER, and NAVER I&S depending on the content.

1. Partnership Proposal

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  • Details (Required)

    Please describe the proposed content and the expected effect in a concise manner. (Note that the partnership proposal can be rejected if no content exists or the proposal was written with regards to a meeting with personnel in charge.)

  • Proposal Attachment

    The file size may not exceed 20MB and file types are limited to: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, hwp, gul, gif, jpg, png, zip, or txt.

2. Information of Company Proposing the Partnership

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    A public institution is an institution established and operated with investment, financing, or financial support from the government.

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  • Company Profile

    The file size may not exceed 20MB and file types are limited to: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, hwp, gul, gif, jpg, png, zip, or txt.

3. Personal Information Collection and Use Information

NBP is gathering personal information as listed below on public agencies, businesses, or individuals desiring partnership.

1.  Personal Information Items Collected: [Required] Company name, name of proposer, phone number, and email address / [Optional] Website URL and fax number. 2.  Purpose of collecting and using personal information: To verify identity followed for the partnership application and secure a satisfactory communication method. 3.  Retention and usage period of personal information: Personal information is stored for the proposer to check the history of the proposal until one month after all reviews are complete and will be destroyed immediately afterwards. 4.  Information on the right to refuse: You may refuse to agree on the aforementioned collection of information. However, if you refuse, you may experience limitations on the partnership proposal application.

Other details shall comply with the privacy policy of the NBP website.

4. Notice

1. NBP makes a promise to contact and work with you if we believe that your business proposal is plausible and promising after a full consideration and discussion.

2. Please be advised that the following causes may prevent partnership and, therefore, you should check your descriptions whether they are redundant with the cases below. → Your proposal is similar to or same with the existing business in the making. → Your proposal is same with one previously suggested by a third party. → Your proposal does not meet the NBP's business vision or requirements.

3. NBP will not assume any obligation to compensate or reply to those make a business proposal according to partnership failure. Please be careful not to include your sensitive information when you fill in the partnership proposal form such as trade secret, confidential issues, business-related ideas necessary to be protected, etc.